is a boutique pilates experience in Al Habtoor Polo Resort
the exclusive destination in Dubai for the Polestar Pilates. The method that stands out with its distinctive approach to rehabilitation
is an urban escape to zen & wellbeing
Disconnect from hustle of Dubai, connect to yourself
One of the key principles of Pilates is the mind-body connection. It serves as a sanctuary for the mind, providing the opportunity to concentrate on the present moment, leaving all the troubles and worries outside the class door.
Pilates is for every body
Work smarter — not harder
Come as you are. You deserve to have vibrant life and enjoy your healthy, pain-free beautiful body.

Don't forget to mention to our teachers if you have had any injuries in the past — they will provide extra attention.
Many of our clients have mentioned, that unlike intense gym workouts, after which you may feel exhausted, Pilates brings you a sense of lightness after the class, even if the class was challenging. We can promise, that with Pilates Classes at Connect you will enjoy not just workouts, but also your results and how you feel after them.
We believe
Every time you walk out of our studio feeling energized and rejuvenated, we celebrate a small victory. These are the beliefs that guide us
  • To have a healthy beautiful body
Why customers choose connect pilates?
  • To recover from chronic pain & injuries
  • To regulate hormonal balance
  • To improve flexibility & strength
  • To reduce stress & improve mental health
  • To build strength and avoid weight gain despite a sedentary lifestyle
  • To prepare for pregnancy, to go through prenatal period and to recover post-partum
  • To feel relaxed & to improve mobility
  • To enhance athletic performance
"We believe in the power of movement and its ability to heal and strengthen both the body and mind. Let me tell you the truth, there is no quick fix for chronic pains, but I can absolutely guarantee that it's possible to re-pattern your movements and live a pain-free and vibrant life. I am living proof of it."

Mari, founder of Pilates Connect
"...the instructors are what makes it so special. Every instructor at Connect is passionate about giving you a great workout, working every muscle, fixing your posture and stretching your body long."