Explore our pilates classes
Private Pilates classes
We especially recommend private classes for individuals, who want:

  • to address specific health issues. Pilates can help with hernias, back, shoulder, neck pain, knee problems, etc)
  • to recover after injuries/traumas/surgeries
  • to make swift progress within certain sports goals
The private pilates class programmes will be crafted in accordance with your personal request &needs.
Duet Pilates Classes
It's a private pilates class you can take with your friend or a partner

  • Do you and your friend or partner have a shared goal?
  • Do you want to motivate each other and purposefully get fit together?
  • Are you looking for a bonding activity with your loved ones?
You can also contact us if you are more than 2 and would like to get a special price
Group Pilates Classes
Our group pilates reformer classes have a max of 7 participants. Choose the class that suits you.