Hello, my name is Ksenia. I am a professional Pilates Instructor.

Many people think it’s a privilege to do what you truly love.
I worked in business finance for globally renowned corporations, and one day I rapidly decided to change my life and do what truly excites me.
For over 13 years, I've worked in business finance for globally recognized corporations. Throughout this time, I also spent significant part of my out-of-office life on doing different sport activities (starting from fitness, basketball, and horse riding during school days, to activities like running and mountaineering. I've summited such mountains as Elbrus and Kilimanjaro, completed the Camino Frances 800km pilgrimage route in Spain (as well as many other routes), been to both the Arctic and Antarctica and currently enjoy wakesurfing.

I mostly used all those activities for exploring myself, not that much from physical standpoint, but also from the perspective of my psychological and emotional states and reactions. I was always so much fascinated by how our brain works; how certain statements in our brain may impact our body’s abilities (and not just that). So for me this exploration of “brain-movement” linkage was of great interest since very childhood.
Nevertheless, I had pretty successful career in Business Finance, until one day... when a doctor suspected I had melanoma.
Although it was just a suspicion, which didn't receive a confirmation after all the analyses, the time period when I was waiting for the results, made me overthink my whole life and all my priorities.
That moment I decided that I needed to change something, to use this chance to start a truly new life, that would be filled with meaning for me.

I was walking at the foot of my favourite mountain Elbrus, trying to understand what attracts me most and what makes my heart beating. And the idea came into my mind (Thank you, my wise Elbrus) - movement. I was spending so much time on movement daily, that I decided – why not to make it a new path? Movement in wide sense – both physical, and generally through life.
"I realized that just becoming a gym instructor wouldn’t fit my inner goals – I never enjoyed going to the gym that much"

When I tried to convert this idea of “movement” into something more exact, I realized that just becoming a gym instructor wouldn’t fit my inner goals – I never enjoyed going to the gym that much (even though I went there). So I started to search for more exact “definition” of my new path.
And one day my Yoga teacher told me that there are some Weekend Pilates Teacher courses (for me it was crucial that the courses were during weekends, with the opportunity for self-study between the weekend modules, as I still continued to work in the office), so I started to google different schools with international certification. That’s actually, how I found Polestar Pilates, it was just by chance ☺

But after I’ve read the description of their main Comprehensive course, I realized - it was exactly what I was looking for - working deeply through the nervous system, attention to the whole person, using this connection between psyche, movement and brain. I was so much excited and inspired by this idea, that even though I never tried Pilates before, I decided to start straight with the educational programme.
If you ask me, what Polestar Pilates is all about – it’s a way of living. It makes you more aware about what you do – not just during the class, but in your daily life as well.

And it’s not just about your movements, but also your thoughts, your emotions, your ideas... It provides a new movement experience to your body, creating new connections in your brain and, by this, more options to choose. Your whole life story is reflected in your body.
You probably noticed, that whatever emotion you feel, it is somehow reflected through movement - your face expression may change, or your heart starts beating at a different speed etc. So by working with the body, we influence not just overall strength and tone, but our wholeselfes. And yes, at a certain moment those changes start to appear outside pilates classes - in everything you do.
For me it started the whole new world of exploration, which continues to surprise, inspire and charm me daily.
If you were to ask me if I regret changing my life...
Each time a new person comes to my class in despair that nothing would help him/her, as he/she already tried so many different methods and modalities before, and nothing helped to get rid of pain. And after several classes, they start to smile and realize that for several days they didn’t feel pain, or it became less. And you see their happy eyes... It’s an unbelievable sensation... It’s sooo inspiring.